Freitag, 27. November 2015

In my new Monstertube

Hello, dear friends pumping,

after a long time, you can from your Admin again current pumping pictures see
The reason for this is that I tried last Saturday for the first time my optimized by conversion Monstertube for the first time. And I must say that it is a very liberated feeling is to grow en Balls, without that it is concentrated up to now. Now I want to train hard in order to reach the filling up my
analogous Bull Master and ASTJ here.
Many pumpers have signaled me lately that they would also be happy to show here. So it makes it true, and sends a few nice pictures of you pumping. The other Pumper will admire you very safe,
hich have not yet ventured.
In this sense, I wish you not only a peaceful holiday season, but still a lot of pumping sessions with dear friends, it is with you at home, or in front of the webcam in a pumping chat.

Many greetings

 Of course, I pump before with various tubes, so that every time begins the joy of tube filling anew.

Her in my 3.5" Thickwall 

After in my Bullmaster ...

After a relax pumping out from my new Monstertube